Palmer Seminary offers two accredited, flexible and context-specific Online Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degrees for students wishing to advance their theological and ministerial training.


The Online Openseminary MTS (Ministry in Context) is nationally recognized as one of the top innovative and intensive seminary programs in the U.S. This 46 credit program, based on the Openseminary model for graduate theological education, is designed for busy pastors and leaders with special emphasis on contextual ministry. Students gather for two one-week residencies in May and November at which time they learn from thoughtful guest practitioners like Tony Campolo, Shane Claiborne, Luis Cortes, and Alyn E. Waller and many more. The program’s schedule and affordability allows students from around the world to earn a theological degree in just three years without relocating.

Maestría en Linea en Ministerios Latinos/as

La nueva Maestría en Linea en Ministerios Latinos/as es un programa que se imparte totalmente en Español y capacita a las personas en el pastoreado y/o líderes de la Iglesia local a través de un plan de estudios que combina cursos de teología, Biblia y práctica del ministerio. El programa esta contextualizado a las necesidades de las comunidades Latinas. Este programa totalmente acreditado y de 36 horas crédito se imparte en grupos de 20 estudiantes cada uno. El próximo año académico (2016–17) iniciaremos con tres grupos : un grupo en el centro de México con estudiantes procedentes del D.F. y regiones aledañas; otro en los Estados Unidos con estudiantes que residan en este país: y otro en el noroeste de México con estudiantes de Mexicali, Baja California, México, y regiones aledañas. El programa se cursa en dos años.

The new Online MTS in Latino/a Ministries program is taught in Spanish and prepares people in pastoral ministry and/or church leadership through a series of courses in the areas of biblical studies, theology and practice of ministry in a manner that is contextualized to the needs of Latino/a communities. This 36 credit program is delivered in cohorts of 20 students each with three cohorts the next academic year (2016-17): a cohort of students from Mexico City and surrounding areas, a cohort of students residing in the U.S., and a cohort of students northeast of Mexico from Mexicali, Mexico and surrounding areas. The program is completed in two years.