Master of Divinity (Online)

MDiv Online

The 78-hour Online Master of Divinity (eMDiv) is built around six church practices and designed for people in ministry It offers an innovative and fresh approach for doing theology in ministry context.  The course departs from the standard mode of theological curriculum, which is divided up into the four areas of biblical studies, history, theology and practical/pastoral studies. However, through the Openseminary(TM) approach, the eMDiv uses six key dimensions of church practice as windows through which biblical, historical, theological and contemporary issues are examined. Carefully selected foundational courses enable students to go deeper in the six dimensions of church practice.  It is offered fully online or as a hybrid online and on-campus.

The Master of Divnity (MDiv) is offered Online (this program) and On-Campus in St. Davids, Pennsylvania.  View the On-Campus MDIV Website.


4 years 
Full-time completion time 

Start Terms
March and August


Online with optional
seminars on-campus

Online with optional seminars
in St. Davids, PA

Cost per Credit
Financial aid available
Scholarships available


  • LEARN HOW TO DO THEOLOGY: Students learn how to identify emerging questions from their ministry context, engage theological disciplines and humanities to find answers to these questions; then, how to articulate and implement a theological response to the emerging questions.

  • LEARN FROM EXPERIENCE: Students interact and learn from experienced pastors, theologians and contextual thinkers, who are at the coalface ministry.

  • LEARN AT HOME: Students stay involved in their local church ministry while they attend lectures, access reading, and engage other students online.

  • LEARN WITH FLEXIBILITY: Students have access to course content on demand, on any device, anywhere, anytime.

  • GO DEEPER:  Through carefully crafted course students can go deeper in each one of the Church Practices. Deep knowledge of theory and practice is built up through an integrative inquiry that leads to new ministry insights.