The Palmer Seminary community meets weekly for worship as the seminary, and every Wednesday morning at 10am with the rest of the Eastern University community for Chapel. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, beginning at 6:05pm and ending by 6:55pm, we meet for Seminary Chapel.

On Tuesday evenings, The Rev. Dr. Bronwyn Yocum and our Methodist friends offer worship in the Wesleyan style (often with Holy Communion), and on Thursday evenings, Dr. Debbie Watson lines up speakers from the Faculty, Staff, Alumni and neighbor pool of Palmer!

If you would like to help with accompaniment, provide special music, or bring a meditation, please let Dr. Watson and Rev. Dr. Yocum know! The heart of life – now and in eternity – is to worship the Lord our God with all that is our lives! Come practice with your sisters and brothers on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 6:05pm, in one of the classrooms on the second floor of McInnis Hall.

Chapel Schedule: 

September 7- Rodney Brailsford
September 9- Dean K-lee/D. Bronkema
September 14- Dean K-lee Johnson
September 16- Stephen Kim
September 21- Bronwyn Yocum 
September 23- Student Assembly
September 28- Dawn Taylor Storm 
September 30- TBA
October 5- John Bletsch 
October 7- Katie Hoyt McNabb
October 12- TBA
October 14- Alumni Care Init.
October 21- Campolo Speaker- Melissa Flores-Bixler
October 26- TBA
October 28- Diane Chen
November 2- Rev. Glenn Conaway
November 4- Don Brash
November 9- Rev. Tom Ebersole
November 11- Wynand de Kock
November 16- TBA
November 18- Chris Holland
November 30- TBA
December 2- Phaedra Blocker
December 7- TBA
December 9- Debbie Watson