The Registrar's Office of Eastern University is responsible for maintaining student academic records, course registration, grade reporting, and other issues related to your academic career here at Palmer.

You would contact our office to address any of the following needs:

  • Questions about course schedules, registration, or final grades.
  • Course withdrawal. If you need to withdraw from a course, you MUST notify the Registrar’s Office. Simply telling the instructor or no longer attending is not sufficient! If you stop attending a course but never notify the Registrar’s Office, you may be assessed a failing grade for the course and be responsible for paying the course fees!
  • Leave of absence or inactive status from seminary. If you are unable to take at least one course in any given semester, you must apply for a leave of absence or for inactive status.
  • Official transcripts.
  • Verification of enrollment for veterans’ benefits. If you are eligible for educational benefits through the Veterans Administration, please see us to find out how to receive these.
  • Verification of enrollment for employers or loan agencies – includes loan deferral notices.
  • Application for educational accommodations (for people with documented learning disabilities).

Whenever you experience a significant life change that could impact your coursework at seminary, it is a good idea to talk to your academic advisor and the Registrar’s Office to see what options you might have and what changes you might need to make!

We look forward to serving you as you move through your Seminary walk and continue to grow in your knowledge of yourself, and seek to discern God’s will for your life!