This distinctive MDiv/MBA dual degree program represents Palmer's longstanding commitment to holistic ministry: ministry that addresses spiritual, emotional, social, and material needs. Earn a Master of Divinity (available online or on-campus) as well as an online MBA in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University.

Program Details

  • Delivery: Fully online or blended (mix of on-campus and online options)
  • Length: As little as 4 years 
  • Cost: view the cost per unit and our financial aid options.  Plus, if you already have a degree from Palmer or Eastern University, check out our Alumni Discount!
  • Locations: St. Davids, PA
  • Start Terms: January and August

2 Degrees in Only 4 Years

This program is designed to enable students to complete both degrees in as little as 4 years. Certain courses count toward both programs, allowing for a shorter completion time. (For part-time students, the time needed to complete the degrees varies based on course load.)

  • On-campus MDiv + Online MBA: MBA coursework fulfills 4 electives (12 credits) required for the on-campus MDiv while one MDiv course is recognized as fulfilling one of the course requirements for the MBA.
  • Online MDiv + Online MBA: MBA coursework fulfills 1 course for the MDiv, while MDiv coursework fulfills 1 course for the MBA. 75 credit hours need to be taken in the online MDiv program and 27 credit hours need to be taken in the MBA, for a total of 102 credit hours. 

Typical Full-Time Program of Study:

Careers: Pastoral Ministry, Missionary, Activists in NGOs or Community, and more.

“Palmer does an incredible job at creating spaces to contribute to everyone's emotional, social, physical, mental and professional/vocational health. Palmer directly and indirectly exposed me to people and ideas that are different than me/mine and my upbringing. In this the Lord, through Palmer, has brought both a depth and breath to my faith and understanding of Him.”

Harven Auguste, MDiv/MBA '23