Year 1
Introduction to Seminary Writing (may be tested out)
Nurturing Spiritual Life and Character 1
Old Testament Study 1
Old Testament Study 2
New Testament Study 1
Biblical Interpretation for Ministry
Theology and Ethics of Congregational Life
Church in Mission through History
Foundations of Pastoral Care and Counseling
2 free electives

Year 2
New Testament Study 2
Systematic Theology and Ethics: Vision of Community
Systematic Theology and Ethics: Reign of God
Nurturing Spiritual Life and Character 2
Church Renewal and Evangelism
Christian World Mission
Teaching the Faith
Organizational Management and Leadership
Theological Field Education 1A
Theological Field Education 1B
Nurturing Spiritual Life and Character 3
Critical Analysis (not required but highly recommended)
1 free elective

Year 3 and Year 4
MBA in Management Courses