Curriculum Overview

Course Number Course Name Credits
PRMN 581 Leitourgia: Leading People in the Presence of God  
CHHM 580 Diakonia: Missional Service  
SFRM 580 Paideia: Spiritual Formation  
THLE 580 Theologia: Doing Theology in Context  
INTG 580 Koinonia: Leading and Building Community  
PRMN 580 Kerygma: Communicating the Gospel  
THLE 581 Doing Theology 1: Theological Method and Reflection  
BIBL 581 Reading the Text 1: Learning to read their context in the light of OT  
BIBL 582 Reading the Text 2: Learning to read their context in the light of NT  
PRMN 582 Introductions to Pastoral Care and Counseling  
CHHM 581 Following the Christian Church  
THLE 581 Integrative Ministry Paper  
PRMN 583 Integrative Ministry Project  
PRMN 584 The Business of Ministry  
PRMN 585 Introduction to Homiletics  
INTG 582 Theology and Practice of Worship  
CHHM 582 Church Renewal & Evangelism  
PRMN 586 Teaching the Faith  
PRMN 586 Preaching Practicum  
  Total Credits 78