Adetokunbo Adelekan

Adetokunbo Adelekan
Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics

Donald Brash

Donald J. Brash
Faculty Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program
Associate Professor of Historical Theology

Diane Chen

Diane G. Chen
Professor of New Testament

Wynad de Kock

Wynand J. de Kock
Director of the Openseminary MTS
Associate Professor of Leadership & Formation

George Hancock-Stefan

George Hancock-Stefan
Associate Professor of Church History

Mayra Picos-Lee

Mayra Picos-Lee
Director of the MTS in Latino/a Ministries
Lecturer in Counseling

Ron Sider

Ronald J. Sider
Distinguished Senior Professor of Theology, Holistic Ministry & Public Policy

Deborah Winters

Deborah J. Winters
Associate Professor of Old Testament

Marsha Brown Woodward

Marsha Brown Woodard
Director of Supervised Ministries
Lecturer in Christian Ministry



Kent Berghuis

Kent D. Berghuis
Affiliate in Theology

Phaedra Blocker

Phaedra D. Blocker
Assistant Director of the Openseminary MTS
Affiliate in Leadership & Formation

Elizabeth Congdon-Martin

Elizabeth W. Congdon-Martin
Affiliate in Christian Ministry

Dr. David Farmer

David A. Farmer
Affiliate in Homiletics

Tim Pretz

S. Timothy Pretz
Affiliate in Counseling

Jana Purkis-Brash

Jana Purkis-Brash
Affiliate in Christian Ministry and United Methodist Studies

Deboarh Watson

Deborah E. Watson
Affiliate in New Testament

Peter C. Wool

Peter C. Wool
Affiliate in Christian Ministry



Elouise Renich Fraser

Elouise Renich Fraser
Emeritus Professor of Systematic Theology

Horace O. Russell

Horace O. Russell
Emeritus Professor of Historical Theology
Dean of the Chapel

Carol Schreck

Carol M. Schreck
Emeritus Associate Professor of Marriage and Family

Peter Schreck

G. Peter Schreck
Emeritus Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling