Orlando E. Costas Conference Speakers

2007 Speaker: Dra. Elizabeth Conde-Frazier

2008 Speaker: Dr. Pablo Díaz

2009 Speaker: Dr. Alvin Padilla
Present Day Pentecost: The Challenge for Multicultural Diversity for the Church and Beyond

2010 Speaker: Dra. Daisy Machado
Christ Outside the Gate: Following Jesus Beyond Borders

2011 Speaker: Dr. Henry Recinos  
Integrity of Mission: Christ Among Strangers

2012 Speaker: Dras. Loida I. Martell-Otero, Zaida Maldonado, Elizabeth Conde-Frazier, and Dr. Efrain Agosto
Evangélicas: Theology with a Different Beat

2013 Speaker: Dr. Efrain Agosto
Transforming the City: Lessons from the Apostle Paul and Beyond

2014 Speaker: Dr. Carlos Cardoza-Orlandi
Mission at the Door

2015 Speaker: Dr. Edwin Aponte
The Whole Gospel for the Whole World through Whole Persons: Responses of the Church to Globalization

2017 Speaker: Dra. Elaine Padilla
For a Time Such As This

2021 Speakers: Drs. Samuel Escobar, Jorge Henrique Barro, and Dra. Ruth Padilla DeBorst
Mission Integral: The Latin Faces of the Mission

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2022 Speakers: Dr. Harold Segura
Mission Integral: From Theory to Praxis 

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2023 Speakers: TBD
Mission Integral: The New Generation