Readiness for ministry is a primary goal of Palmer Theological Seminary’s degree programs. As our motto makes explicit, we intend our graduates to bear the Whole Gospel, to the Whole World, as Whole Persons. The Readiness of Ministry indicators unpack what we mean by “Whole Persons.” Since we recognize that growth toward personal wholeness is a life-long process, we focus on indicators that demonstrate a foundation for sustained growth.

Goal 1 of the M.Div. Program Goals Pertains to the Whole Person

A hunger for lifelong spiritual formation & a commitment to fostering interdependent relationships

1.1 Articulates an awareness of self in relationship to God by identifying and using a variety of spiritual disciplines and practices

  • Conversation, attitudes and behaviors evidence movement toward healthy boundaries for an integrated self
  • Articulates self-awareness through ethical actions; private and public, spiritual discipline and practice
  • Personal presence is marked by gracious honesty

1.2 Develops respect for and ability to partner effectively with others

  • Listens with care and caring to the convictions, thoughts and stories of others
  • Works respectfully side-by-side with persons who are “other” than the student
  • Engages assignments when the reading is personally, theologically and ethically challenging

1.3 Employs reliance upon connection with God for the purpose of Christian service

  • Grounds confidence in self and others in the student’s faith in the Triune God
  • Awareness of and willingness to benefit from psychological counsel and spiritual direction as needed
  • Models the discernment of calling and its connection to the wise expression of gifts and talents

1.4 Develops a personal confession of faith that demonstrates biblical and theological understanding at a level consistent with seminary education

  • Expresses a personal, and developing theology in dialogue with historic streams of Christian biblical and theological interpretation
  • Interacts with the critical questions arising from the student’s context in society and ministry
  • Demonstrates in action an integration of faith and wholeness