Goal 1: Whole Persons

A hunger for lifelong spiritual formation & a commitment to fostering interdependent relationships

  • Indicator 1: Demonstrates an awareness of self in relationship to God by identifying and using a variety of spiritual disciplines and practices
  • Indicator 2: Shows respect for and ability to partner effectively with others
  • Indicator 3: Employs reliance upon connection with God for the purpose of Christian service
  • Indicator 4: Expresses a personal confession of faith that demonstrates biblical and theological understanding at a level consistent with seminary education

Goal 2: Whole World

The ability to engage in the reality and the theology of diverse communities [global context of the Christian tradition; intercultural understanding]

  • Indicator 1: Defines and describes the heritage and traditions of the communities out of which the student comes, in which the student serves, and to which the student relates
  • Indicator 2: Uses the tools of critical reflection, research methods, interpretation of sources and clear communication in intercultural understanding
  • Indicator 3: Integrates and synthesizes the content of Christian heritage and mission into a personal theology and practice of ministry

Goal 3: Whole Gospel

A biblically informed and theologically grounded commitment to a Holistic Gospel Witness

  • Indicator 1: Applies skill in the use of biblical, theological and ethical tools for ministry, such as language study, research methods, hermeneutics, critical reflection and clear communication
  • Indicator 2: Clearly communicates biblical content and understanding in a variety of ways, e.g. preaching, Christian Education, pastoral care
  • Indicator 3: Demonstrates ability to address personal, social, and global questions and issues biblically, theologically and ethically in ways that lead toward healing and wholeness
  • Indicator 4: Reports/Observes ability to minister with a Christian spirit conducive to creating peace and reconciliation

Goal 4: Whole Gospel

A commitment to service in the church and community to minister to changing times

  • Indicator 1: Articulates a call to a particular area of Christian service
  • Indicator 2: Explains and demonstrates biblical and theological foundations for the practice of ministry
  • Indicator 3: Evaluates awareness of the impact of oneself in the practice of ministry through personal reflection
  • Indicator 4: Applies skills in ministry, e.g. preaching, pastoral care, teaching, administrating, engaging in mission and evangelism