Curriculum Overview

Course Number Course Name Credits
  Pastoral Leadership & Adaptive Track
Level 1 Required Courses
  A Guide to Seminary Writing (may test out at Orientation)  
  Biblical Interpretation for Ministry  
  Old Testament Study 1  
  New Testament Study 1  
  Nurturing Spiritual Life & Character 1: Introduction to Spiritual Formation  
  Foundations of Pastoral Care and Counseling  
  Theology and Ethics of Congregational Life  
  The Church in Mission Through History  
  Level 2 Required Courses  
  Critical Analysis in Theological Studies (not required, but strongly recommended)  
  Old Testament Study 2  
  New Testament Study 2  
  Systematic Theology and Ethics: Vision of Community  
  Systematic Theology and Ethics: Reign of God  
  Nurturing Spiritual Life & Character 2: Journey to Wholeness  
  Theological Field Education (2 semesters)  
  Level 3 Required Courses  
  Church Renewal and Evangelism  
  Christian World Mission  
  Organizational Management and Leadership  
  Teaching the Faith  
  Nurturing Spiritual Life & Character 3: The Christian Leader  
  7-8 electives for Adaptive Track  
  1-2 electives for Pastoral Leadership Track  
  Pastoral Leadership Track Required Courses  
  Biblical Hebrew or New Testament Greek  
  Hebrew Exegesis or New Testament Greek Exegesis  
  Introduction to Homiletics  
  Preaching Practicum  
  Clinical Pastoral Care or Clinical Pastoral Education  
  Theology and Practice of Worship  
  Total Credits 78

Supervised Ministries
Over the course of the M.Div. program, students must complete hours as interns in ministry settings for academic credit. Please visit the office of Supervised Ministries for more information.