Which Diploma program should I pursue?

Who should consider completing the Diploma of Biblical and Theological Studies?
  • The person who is considering doing a graduate degree in theological studies, but wishes to lay a strong foundation in the classic subject areas of theological education first
  • The person who teaches adult Bible study and adult Christian Education courses who wants a solid grounding in Biblical and Theological scholarship without needing to complete a degree program.
  • The person who wants to study at a level beyond the certificate program.
Who should consider completing the Diploma of Pastoral Studies?
  • The person who has been called to give pastoral leadership to a small church, especially the part-time or "bi-vocational" pastor.
  • The person who has been called to preach and do pastoral ministry in a local church, but who is not seeking ordination. (The "Lay" or "Local-Licensed" pastor)
  • The person called to pastoral ministry but does not have a bachelor's degree and thus is ineligible for entry into Palmer Theological Seminary's master's degree program.

Which Certificate program should I pursue?

Who should consider completing the Certificate of Christian Leadership?
  • The person who is already involved in providing lay leadership in a local church but who feels the need for more training than can be provided in their church.
  • The person who feels God is calling them to non-vocational ministry other than pastoral leadership, such as: community outreach, discipling, youth ministry, senior citizen ministry, and other forms of volunteer ministry.
Who should consider completing the Certificate of Christian Studies?
  • The person who wants to further their personal knowledge of the Bible and Theology.
Who should consider completing the Certificate of Biblical Studies?
  • The person who wants to further their personal knowledge of the Bible and Theology.
  • The person who teaches Sunday School or Christian Education at their local assembly.
  • Those who are Youth leaders and Cell group leaders.

General Information

Where are we located?

In addition to our main campus in St. Davids, PA, Eastern's School of Christian Ministry has an instructional site in Philadelphia. (See below.) This instructional site has limited course offerings, so please contact our office to determine whether the site you are interested in has the course offerings you need.

Instructional Sites
  • Main Campus: Palmer Theological Seminary, 1300 Eagle Road, St. Davids, PA 19087 Phone: 610-645-9350
  • Philadelphia, PA: Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church, 2800 Cheltenham Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19150 Phone: 215-843-4140
  • Internet
How much does the program cost?
  • Tuition per course: $220
  • Student service fee: $70
  • Application fee: $30
What is a module?

A module is an abbreviated session (five - six weeks as opposed to a semester which usually lasts for 12-14 weeks) in which our courses are held. Each course lasts for five to six weeks and consists of fifteen instructional hours. An individual can start the program at the beginning of any module. There are seven modules in each academic year.

What are core courses?

Core courses are the building blocks of our program. All other coursework and instruction will be based on a sound understanding of the material offered in these three courses. The courses are Biblical Interpretation, Spiritual Disciplines and Formation, and Christian Leadership. Core courses will be offered at least twice a year on main campus, and once a year at satellite sites.

What are required courses?

Required courses are a combination of courses focusing on Biblical themes, Christian thought and mission, and Christian ministry, in order to give students a holistic education in the area they wish to pursue. Bible courses cover the basics that every believer should know. Christian Thought and Mission deals with the purpose and beliefs of the Christian church. Christian Ministry addresses the practical ministry skills that are needed to fulfill lay-leadership responsibilities. These course types are represented in our course numbers as follows: Bible (B), Christian Thought and Mission (CTM), Christian Ministry (CM), and Academic Development (ACD) which represents courses of basic educational skills.

What are elective courses?

Elective courses are additional courses that a student chooses to complete their certificate or diploma. These courses cover various topics throughout the course categories (Bible, Christian Thought and Mission, Christian Ministry, and Academic Development). Taking these courses helps the student define a certificate or diploma program to help fit their specific needs.