A Note of Gratitude to our Retirees

As we approach the end of the semester, my heart is full of gratitude for the years of faithfulness and service our retirees have invested in the mission and ministry of Palmer Seminary. 

I’d like to honor Dr. Donald J. Brash, Associate Professor of Historical Theology, and Dr. S. Timothy Pretz, Affiliate Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Counseling, for decades of teaching, advising, mentoring, and leading. This summer I also pray God’s richest blessings to those who have been with us in a part time capacity – Dr. Bronwyn Yocum (class of 1997), Director of Methodist Student Advising and Ethos and Adjunct in Christian Ministries, and Cynthia Lyman (classes of 1964 and 2018), Adjunct Faculty in Theological Writing. All of their significant contributions to students’ education and formation will be remembered. Join me in praying that God will grace them with a future filled with peace, purpose, health, and joy.

Rev. Dr. Kimberlee A. Johnson
Interim Dean, Palmer Theological Seminary