Palmer Theological Seminary Recommendation Form

The Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 provides that certain educational records may be open to students at their requrest.  The act also provides that in the case of recommendations, the institution may request, but not require, the student to waive his/her rights to read confidential recommendations.  The student waives their right to read the recommendation on this form if submitted electronically on their behalf.

Student Information (fill out on behalf of student you are recommending)

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Please submit letter of recommendation for Doctor of Ministry in Letter of Recommendation section below.

Recommender Information

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Please rate the applicant in comparison with others you have known in the academic or professional environment.

Unable to JudgeWeakAverageStrong
Committed to Christ
Has vibrant, growing faith
Committed to Christian Community
Able to think critically
Willing to learn from others
Has leadership ability
Takes Initiative
Relationally comfortable and appropriate
Open and vulnerable
Listens to and hears others
Interacts constructively with diverse views
Willing to accept constructive feedback
Able and willing to be self-reflective
Cooperative and collegial
Emotionally stable
Affirms self and others
A person of integrity
Able to balance competing personal and professional demands
Sets clear and appropriate boundaries
Not RecommendedRecommendedHighly Recommended
Potential as a Student
Potential for Ministry
Declaration: I attest this is my best assessment of the applicant as I know him or her.

Letter of Recommendation required for Doctor of Ministry candidates. Please upload your letter of recommendation or paste it in the text box below.

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