Because of our generous donors, Palmer is able to offer many scholarships to our master's level students. Palmer has a number of grants and scholarships available for 2022. We encourage you to apply!

The Brauch Scholarship


The Brauch Scholarship, named after New Testament scholar and former Palmer President, Manferd T. Brauch, is awarded to incoming students each academic year. The scholarship covers 40 percent of tuition at Palmer. Learn more about the Brauch Scholarship and how to apply.

The Sider Scholarship


The Sider Scholarship, named after professor Ron Sider, covers half the cost of tuition at Palmer. The scholarship is awarded on a yearly basis and is renewable by mutual agreement between scholars and The Sider Center, as long as she or he is enrolled part-time, maintains a 3.3 GPA, and works 8-10 hours with The Sider Center at Palmer Seminary. Learn more about the Sider Scholarship and how to apply.

The Presidential Scholarship


Each year, Palmer awards three Presidential Scholarships to incoming students in the Master of Divinity program. This scholarship covers the entire cost of tuition for the first year. To be considered, students must have a 3.5 GPA or higher. Apply for the scholarship today!

The Bowen Scholarship


American Baptist students are eligible to receive scholarship assistance from the Bowen Charitable Trust. Preference is given to those who reside in the West Virginia region. Depending on the financial needs of applicants, these awards may cover housing, books, and fees in addition to tuition. For more information, contact the Bowen Charitable Trust, c/o West Virginia Baptist Convention, P.O. Box 1019, Parkersburg, WV 26102. Phone: 304-422-6449. Apply for the scholarship today!

The Belvin Scholarship

The Belvin Trust Scholarship was established to support Native American degree students at Palmer Seminary. If you identify as Native or Indigenous American and are enrolled in any of our degree programs, you are encouraged to apply for this award. Apply for the scholarship today!