Alfred Duncan

Alfred Duncan
MDIV ‘15

What do you enjoy most about Palmer?

I enjoy Palmer’s adeptness for furnishing each student with the experience of not only learning from professors, other students and class materials but of also learning about learning. Knowing how others learn and then seeing nearly every class utilize different teaching and learning approaches speaks to Palmer’s concern for and commitment to the highest good of each student. I love it.

How has Palmer impacted your faith?

Palmer’s impact on my faith is that Palmer is full of institutional faith that I have been able to correlate to my personal, family and community life. I now better understand faith in God being called precious and feel that it is equally precious that I could never make faith or a doctrine a God.

Why did you pick Palmer?

I chose to come to Palmer because my life had been spiritually and concretely blessed by former and present Palmer staff and students. I wanted what they had in terms of education, careers and application. The anticipation and pride associated with being a Palmer student was great but is now minute compared to the satisfaction and gratitude that I have since enrollment and graduation.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I have earned my MDIV and am slated to become the senior pastor of my church in October. I am also looking forward to reconnecting with the Christian’s Men’s shelter for the homeless that I previously worked for.

What advice do you have for students considering Palmer?

I would advise students coming to Palmer to be and remain conscientious about being conscious students. It is their commitment to God, community and self that has the inherent fuel necessary for a remarkable and rewarding experience.