The Sider Center of Palmer Seminary, named after Ronald J. Sider, promotes peaceful coexistence and social justice through theological reflection, academic programs, rigorous scholarship, and convening of timely conversations. Christians for Social Action, the primary arm of the Sider Center, carries out this work through programs such as the Racial Justice Institute, Oriented to Love, CreatureKind, and New Copernican Conversations.

Evangelicals for Social ActionThe Sider Center's mission is supported by Sider Scholars, who work 8-10 hours a week with Christians for Social Action and Dr. Ron Sider and receive a scholarship that covers half of their tuition for Palmer graduate programs like the Master of Theological Studies in Christian Faith and Public Policy.

Please contact Christians for Social Action at 610-341-1467 or for more information about becoming a Sider Scholar.

Sider Center Staff

Nikki Toyama-Szeto

Nikki Toyama-Szeto
Executive Director
Christians for Social Action