Paulette Brown

Class Representative

I considered myself privileged to be a part of the Palmer community. Starting in Fall 2020, I am entering my third year at the seminary, pursuing a Masters of Divinity. I am also interning as a Sider Scholar with Evangelical for Social Action (ESA), working on the event planning committee. I work for the American Red Cross as an Operations Specialist. I am responsible for facility and fleet management for our offices located in Wilmington, DE, Elkton, and Salisbury, MD.  

I have responded to God's call to pastoral leadership and teaching. I am passionate about holistic healing towards wholeness of mind, body, soul, and spirit. My ministry revolves around health and wellness to nurture and cultivate spiritual formation and transformation. I currently lead Yara's Bible Talk, which is a weekly fellowship, undergirded in biblical principles to support women of faith as they navigate through Christian daily living. The group is not just limited to women of faith. It is also an outlet for female persons seeking an encounter with Christ and interested in growing into a deeper relationship with God through the studying of the Word.

 I know my journey will entail international missions work at some point. I am committed to my spiritual maturation to serve God as a whole person commissioned to bring the whole Gospel to the whole world. I am a woman of faith after God's heart. While many scriptural verses speak to my soul, this is my favorite, " I am my beloved and my beloved is mines."  Song of Songs 6:3

As class representative, Paulette is responsible for representing the needs and concerns of the student body to the Student Assembly. In addition, they work closely with the Student Assembly officers to serve the Palmer community.