Faculty & Staff


Ron Sider

"I love Palmer's commitment to an open evangelicalism that is solidly biblical and deeply committed to holistic ministry that combines evangelism and social action. My prayer for my students is that while here they grow in their love and commitment to Jesus, and develop a passion to lead people to Christ and transform the socio-economic brokeness of our world." 

Ron Sider, PhD 

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Cheryl Simmons Hargrave

"God's intent for humanity is revealed through the Holy Scriptures, and revelation demands that we make adjustments in our thought processes, behaviors, and confessions in order to expand our horizons and enlarge our territory. Palmer provides a diverse community of believers and safe space for students, faculty, and staff to wrestle with our revelations, increase in faith, and witness the manifestation of personal transformation."

Rev. Cheryl Simmons Hargrave, M.Div.

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