Curriculum Overview

Course Number Course Name Credit
PRMN 581A, B, C Leitourgia: Leading People in the Presence of God 3
CHHM 580A, B, C Diakonia: Missional Service 3
SFRM 580A, B, C Paideia: Spiritual Formation 3
THLE 580A, B, C Theologia: Doing Theology in Context 3
INTG 580A, B, C Koinonia: Leading and Building Community 3
PRMN 580A, B, C Kerygma: Communicating the Gospel 3
THLE 581 Doing Theology 1: Theological Method and Reflection 3
THLE 582A, B Doing Theology 2: Exploring the Doctrines of the Christian Faith 3
BIBL 581A, B Reading the Text 1: Reading the Old Testament in its Context 3
BIBL 582A, B Reading the Text 2: Reading the New Testament in its Context 3
PRMN 510A, B Foundations of Pastoral Care and Counseling 3
CHHM 510A, B Church in Mission Through History 3
INTG 581A, B Integrative Ministry Paper 3
PRMN 583A, B Integrative Ministry Project 3
PRMN 540A, B Organizational Management and Leadership 3
PRMN 520A, B Introduction to Homiletics 3
INTG 531A, B Theology and Practice of Worship 3
INTG 524A, B Church Renewal & Evangelism 3
PRMN 530A, B Teaching the Faith 3
CHHM 530A, B Christian World Mission 3
  Total Credits 78*
  Business Courses  
  MBA in Management Courses  
  Total Credits 30*

*Note: There are two courses that cover requirements in both programs, so students will actually end up taking only 102 credits. Specifically:

  • BUSA 665 in the MBA covers PRMN 540 in the MDiv
  • PRMN 583 in the MDiv covers BUSA 685 in the MBA