Tuition Information

Tuition Information

Palmer Theological Seminary seeks to keep its tuition and fees as low as possible. As a result, tuition covers only about 60% of the cost of each student's theological education. The remaining 40% comes from churches, friends, foundations and alumni/ae who support the Seminary through endowment and Annual Fund gifts.

Palmer Seminary's Accelerated Scholarship Program (ASP) enables students to receive significant scholarship aid (in the form of reduced tuition) based on their commitment to complete a degree program over a period of two to five years. This scholarship program is based neither on need nor academic achievement, but rather on students' commitment to pursue their seminary education at an accelerated pace. For those who are not able to participate in this program, tuition and fees are as follows:

A spouse in a degree program may apply for a tuition discount when the primary student is taking a minimum full course load (8 units per semester). Discounts range up to 50% of the actual tuition cost depending on the couple's financial need as determined by the Seminary's needs analysis system. Please consult the Financial Aid Counselor for more information and an application form.

A detailed breakdown of tuition and related fees

Palmer offers many scholarship opportunities

Due Dates and Payment Options
The amount of tuition owed varies from student to student based on such factors as the degree program in which the student is enrolled.

Entering students have two options for paying tuition and fees. Pay the entire amount owed by August 25 (for the Fall semester) or January 24 (for the Spring Semester). Or, sign up for the Seminary’s installment plan. With this plan, the amount owed may be paid in full, or pay the remaining balance after grants, loans, and financial aid. To enroll in the payment plan, go to  Full tuition for January and summer courses is due prior to the beginning of class. (Students participating in the Accelerated Scholarship Program do not pay additional tuition for January or summer courses.)  Students seeking Stafford loans are responsible for applying for the loan early enough to meet the payment deadlines.

Health Insurance

All students are required by law to have health insurance coverage. Thus, Palmer students must provide proof of such coverage, preferably at registration but no later than two weeks after the beginning of each semester. Those who do not provide such proof are automatically enrolled in the Seminary’s health care plan and their account is billed. The cost to enroll in this plan is approximately $1,873 annually.

Those who need to purchase health care coverage are encouraged to do some comparison shopping in order to determine which plan is best suited for them and, if applicable, their families. The Seminary’s business office would be happy to provide health care coverage options in addition to the Seminary plan. You may contact the business office by phone: 610-896-5000, ext. 2952 or via email at