MDiv / MSW Required Courses

MDiv/MSW Required Courses

INTG530. SOCIAL WORK AND CHRISTIANITY: Required of all M.Div./M.S.W. students in their first year of study. Through small group discussion, research and written work this course explores the basic concepts and principles of both social work and ministry. Students will gain a better understanding of how the fields differ and also complement each other. Students will begin to formulate their professional identity by producing a paper reflecting on their reasons for wanting to study both ministry and social work. One Unit. Downing-Hadley.

INTG535. M.DIV./M.S.W. INTEGRATIVE WORKSHOP: Required of all M.Div./M.S.W. students in their final year of work. The main focus will be on developing and writing a major integrative research paper or project (25 to 30 pages for 2 units, or 50 to 60 pages for 4 units). The paper will demonstrate the student’s ability to identify a particular issue in the life of society and/or the church, and integrate perspectives from social work and theological disciplines. One or two units each semester, depending upon the length of the paper. Burgie-Bryant.

INTG525. INTEGRATING SOCIAL WORK AND MINISTRY: Required of all M.Div./M.S.W. students in the year they go to social work school and each subsequent year they are away in social work school. Through small group discussion and focusing on a contemporary social issue, students will reflect on ways social work and ministry can work together as well as debrief their experiences in social work school. Students will also note ways in which the church and social work conflict. Ethical dilemmas, case studies and role plays will be used to spark discussion, introspection and peer critique. One unit, June course, topics will vary every year. Pizzuto-Pomaco.