Program Design


The ESCM academic year runs from September through August and is broken down into seven modules, with breaks in between modules. Each module lasts either five (Saturday courses) or six (weekday courses) weeks.  Students may begin the program at any point during the year and may take as many courses as time and finances will support. However, students must complete Level One courses prior to moving on to Level Two and Level Two courses prior to moving on to Level Three.

All ESCM courses require a minimum of 15 hours of class time and approximately 300 pages of reading.


ESCM offers two diploma programs: (1) Biblical and Theological Studies  and (2) Pastoral Studies. To earn the diploma, students must take a total of 24 courses. Typically, students need two to three years to complete the diploma program.  To illustrate, a student who takes two courses per module in six of the seven modules would complete the program in exactly two years.


ESCM offers four certificate programs: (1) Biblical Studies, (2) Christian Leadership, (3) Christian Studies, and (4) Youth Ministry.  To earn a certificate, students must take a total of nine courses, except for those pursuing a certificate in Youth Ministry or a certificate in Biblical Studies, who must take ten courses. One of the nine (or ten) courses could be a writing course. (This course is waived for those who pass an initial writing evaluation exam.) Typically, students complete the certificate program in one to two years. To illustrate, a student who takes just one course per module and does not skip a module can complete the program in less than a year and a half. Students taking two courses per module can finish in less than a year.