Priscilla Institute (PI) students quickly become part of a community. They begin their journey towards a B.A. degree in Organizational Leadership as part of a group, or cohort, the members of which move through the program together.

Phase One: Diploma of Pastoral Studies

In Phase One, PI students earn the Diploma of Pastoral Studies, which is a track offered in Eastern’s School of Christian Ministry (ESCM). Students complete 24 credits in Bible, ministry, and theology courses. The program’s well-rounded curriculum supports the development of ministry leadership skills and principles.

Phase Two: The Associate of Arts (AA) Degree

After attaining the Diploma of Pastoral Studies, PI students move on to Eastern University’s School of Management Studies where they take courses in the Associate of Arts (AA) degree program. In this phase, students earn 43 additional credits, bringing the total number of credits in the PI program to 67. These 67 credits may then be applied toward a liberal arts degree. 

Notes: Each year students are required to take a seminar titled “Living Leadership.” This seminar integrates all learning with the basic, continuing theme of women in ministerial leadership. At the diploma level, this seminar is part of the credits required to earn the Diploma in Pastoral Studies. At the AA and BA level, these seminars are conducted concurrently with the course work students are taking at Eastern University. At the University level, the seminars do not have academic credit attached, but they are required for completing the program.

Phase Three: Organizational Leadership

Students take courses in organizational leadership from Eastern University’s School of Management Studies, which enhance students’ professional competence in leadership. The fifteen courses, plus a capstone project, enable PI students to earn 39 additional credits. Both the coursework and the capstone project are designed to link theory with practice, helping students to coordinate ministry, management and leadership in their churches and organizations. Courses also help students demonstrate the highest level of leadership their potential affords.


After Phase One students will have completed 24 courses in Bible Theology and Ministry, therefore they are not required to take BIB 100: Biblical Literature in Contemporary Context and THEO 210 Foundations of Christian Spirituality, which is a part of the Liberal Arts curriculum. Since, students will have completed INST 270 Justice in a Pluralistic Society and COM 222 Analysis of Argument/Discourse in Phase two (Liberal Arts) they will not be required to take them in Phase Three (Organizational Leadership major). After completing all three Phases, Priscilla Institute students will have attained the 121 credits needed for a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree from Eastern University.

Diploma of Pastoral Studies:
Associate of Arts degree:
Living Leadership courses:
Organizational Leadership
Total:24 credits
43 credits
up to 18 credits
39 credits
121 credits