Mission Year Partnership

As a result of Palmer Seminary of Eastern University’s partnership with the volunteer organization Mission Year, not only can the Mission Year experience result in a strong sense of personal fulfillment, but it can also count towards a Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree. Earning this degree requires just one additional year (following Mission Year) of full-time study at Palmer. This MTS comes with a concentration in Public Policy. Mission Year volunteers who plan to go on to earn an MTS must apply to Palmer prior to beginning their Mission Year experience so that their time with Mission Year can be structured to meet program requirements.

Program Requirements:
The program requires four things not required of other Mission Year volunteers. First, during their time with Mission Year, students take the graduate-level course “Theology of Poverty,” which counts toward the MTS degree. Second, volunteer service with Mission Year must take place in the context of an organization that is in some way active in the shaping of public policy. Thus, it is considered a public policy internship. Third, during their time with Mission Year, students do 800-1,000 pages of prescribed reading as well as some note-taking and journaling related to the reading and the internship experience. Finally, students begin working on a 30-page paper to be completed during the year of study at Palmer. (Note: Students may take more than a year at Palmer to finish the degree, but it’s possible to do it in a year.)

If you would like more information on this program, please contact the admissions office at Palmer Seminary: 484-384-2948 or semadmis@eastern.edu