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Openseminary Master of Theological Studies (Ministry in Context)
Global Context. Local Ministry. Equipped Leaders

Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University and Lott Carey Mission Society have partnered to offer a specialized Master of Theological Studies (MTS) through Palmer’s blended online model—Openseminary. The Openseminary MTS is designed specifically to train church leaders in best practices as well as relevant theology and theory, for the purpose of addressing the real questions that emerge from local church practice. Students will complete their program in concert with their participation in Lott Carey Mission Society gatherings, and have the opportunity to interact with established thought leaders in global contextual ministry.

Lott Carey Tuition Discount


Course Content
The program is delivered over 3 years on a part-time basis and consists of six modules:

  • Theologia: doing theology in context
  • Koinonia: leading and building community
  • Kerygma: communicating the gospel
  • Leitourgia: leading people in the presence of God
  • Diakonia: missional church service
  • Paideia: spiritual formation

Course Delivery

  • The program is delivered in a convenient online format with two residencies per year that are scheduled around the Lott Carey Annual Session and the Spring Missions Conference.
  • Learn how to do theology by asking the most relevant questions and articulate a just-in- time theological response.
  • Progressively acquire biblical and theological knowledge and learn how to marshal this knowledge to engage in ministry in your own context.
  • Learn from competent and thoughtful practitioners within the six practices of the church.
  • Create a theology of ministry that addresses real ministry needs and questions.
  • Learn the importance of doing theology in community.

Relevance For Church Leadership

  • Identify the key questions that need to be answered in each one of the church practices.
  • Develop deep theological understanding of each of the church practices.
  • Develop a theology of ministry for each of the church practices.