David Brady

Vice Moderator

For the 2020-2021 school year, David Brady will begin his fourth year at Palmer Theology School in the Master of Divinity program. He is looking forward to fulfilling the leadership charge of Vice Moderator for the upcoming school year.

As Vice Moderator, David is responsible for assisting the Moderator in their duties and serves as acting Moderator in the Moderator’s absence.

David is a member of Shiloh Baptist Church in Wilmington, Delaware where he serves as its Youth Pastor. As the Youth Pastor, he directs the Joshua Youth Ministry and assists the Young Lion Ministry, a ministry that focuses on activities for young men.

David is employed with the State of Delaware as an Active Treatment Facilitator. In his role, he provides direct care services to mental health clients at the Delaware Psychiatric Center.

David feels so blessed to be at Palmer. He is looking forward to all of the new things God has for him as he works for the Kingdom.