CPC/CPE Fact Sheet

Contact the Office of Supervised Ministries with any questions about prerequisites or requirements for completion for the Clinical programs.

Prerequisites (to begin) CPC or CPE...

  • Completed at least 18 credit hours   
  • Completed Foundations of Pastoral Care and Counseling
  • Completed Nurturing Spiritual Life and Character I
  • Completed Systematic Theology and Ethics: Vision of Community or Systematic Theology and Ethics: Reign of God

For Credit (to complete)...
Please download the syllabus: (Download CPC Syllabus) The requirements to receive credits for this course are detailed inside.

Clinical Pastoral Education

  1. Forward to the Office a copy of your Supervisor's CPE evaluation and your Self Evaluation, each with student and supervising Chaplain's signature.
  2. To request reimbursement of partial fees, submit copies of cancelled checks or proof of receipt of payment the clinical site in full, to the Office of Supervised Ministries.