Class Representatives

As class representatives, Joseph, Sarah, and James represent the needs and concerns of their respectively assigned student groups to the Student Assembly.

Joseph Yim, Senior Class Representative

Joey is in his third and final year at Palmer, expecting to graduate in May '18 with a Master of Divinity degree. Joey has served as a college minister and currently serves as the Pastor of the English-Speaking Ministry at the Delaware Korean United Methodist Church in Hockessin, DE.

"After receiving my call into ministry three years ago, I knew a seminary education was paramount in preparing me for the journey ahead. Little did I know that Palmer would offer me far more than just head-knowledge. I received the gift of community, the gift of knowing and loving myself before serving others, and the gift of manifesting classroom learning into my daily life on the city streets and from the pulpit. As senior class representative, I seek to function as a bridge between the senior class and the larger Palmer community, striving to answer all the seniors' questions and addressing all of their concerns."

Sarah Hostetter

Sarah Hostetter, Middler Class Representative

Sarah is Associate Youth Director at Wayne Presbyterian Church and helps run the College and Young Adult Ministries. She believes M.Div. studies will fully equip her for ministry and for the PCUSA ordination process. Sarah is extremely thankful to share this journey with her patient, loving husband - Andrew is her partner in ministry at Wayne and a fellow Palmer M.Div. student.

"When I think of Palmer, I think of one big happy family. Whether over-joyed or having a rough day, there is always someone willing to share your excitement or to stop and pray with you.  Palmer stirs up our embedded theologies and challenges us to seek a greater understanding of who God is and what God's will is for humanity. The professors are distinguished academics yet humble. Palmer has taught me both pastorally and spiritually how to be Christ's ambassador. I believe Student Assembly is called to be proactive in the academic and personal lives of students - a scheduling resource or a personal support."

James Williams

James Williams, First Year Class Representative

James is in his second year at Palmer as an M.Div. student. He is a Presidential Scholar, a full-time student, and an Associate Minister at The Green Church in Glen Mills, PA. Outside of seminary, James is extremely passionate about drumming, family, and his cats.

"Finding a balance between academia and spiritual growth was an important source of contention in my search for a seminary - one that I've found resolved at Palmer. Not only is there an emphasis on academic excellence here, but on spiritual development as well. Since my very first class, I have felt an undeniable kinship to the faculty, staff, and students. Each member of the community emanates Christ's love, creating a sense of 'heaven on Earth.' In Palmer, God has given me a home."