Student Assembly Happenings

See the latest Palmer News and Notes here.

This year, Palmer's Student Assembly has been:

  • Working with Palmer's interim dean, Dr. Bronkema, and Eastern's president, Dr. Duffet, on navigating a smooth transition onto Eastern's campus.
  • Supplying and maintaining Palmer's student pantry in McInnis 203. Students can grab a snack, a cup of coffee/tea, and use the refrigerator and microwave.
  • Working with faculty to organize a bi-monthly Palmer Vesper Service in the Walton Chapel. Click here for details on the spring 2017 services.
  • Serving as a liaison between students and faculty/administration including conflict management, attending faculty meetings, and addressing curriculum transition issues.
  • Organizing Palmer's Dedication Chapel this fall. Watch the chapel service here, and read the Eastern Magazine on the service here.
  • Providing community meals and fellowship time for Palmer students, including Thanksgiving lunch/dinner and strolling hot chocolate and carols.