Letters from the Dean and President

Dr. Bronkema and Dr. Duffet

Commencement Letter from Palmer Seminary Dean, Dr. David Bronkema

Dear Palmer Seminary Graduate:

It is with thanks to God that I join with you in celebrating your graduation from Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University. The faculty, staff, and I all take great joy in the way that God has blessed your faithful perseverance (James 1:4-5). All of us at Palmer are also grateful that you followed your call to become a part of this Seminary community, and for the way that you used your gifts and skills to nurture and build it up (1 Peter 4:10-11). Well done, good and faithful servants!

We look forward to seeing how Christ will continue to use you and your experience at Palmer as a holy vessel through which to accomplish God's special purposes (2 Timothy 2:21), as pointed to by our Seminary's motto of "the Whole Gospel, for the Whole World, through Whole Persons." We also look forward to having you continue to be an active part of our community, and to spreading the word of the good things that God is doing at Palmer.

May God bless you and your family and friends who played such an important part in your Seminary walk, and give you great joy in celebrating this achievement!

In Christ,
Dr. David Bronkema

Commencement Letter from Eastern University President, Dr. Robert Duffett

Dear Palmer Seminary Graduate:

Please accept my personal congratulations on your graduation from Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University. You can take pride in achieving this worthy goal. My congratulations are also extended to your family and friends who have encouraged and supported you throughout this journey.

I believe that you have had the opportunity to grow both spiritually and academically in a Christian community that is committed to the Whole Gospel, for the Whole world, through Whole persons. All of us at Palmer and Eastern are grateful that you chose to further your education with our fine Seminary. We are aware that you had many options and appreciate that you entrusted us with this important part of your life.

As you move forward on the path that is uniquely yours, it is my sincere hope that you will use the knowledge and preparation you received here to make a real difference in our world. You are now part of the network of over 25,800 Eastern Baptist, Palmer, and Eastern University alumni worldwide. I encourage you to stay connected with your alma mater through our active Alumni Association and by coming back for events on campus.

Again, congratulations and heartfelt thanks!

In God's Service,
Dr. Robert G. Duffett