Housing and Campus Life


Several housing options within a 12-minute drive of the PTS campus are available to Palmer students. Among the options is The Village Apartments, located on the St. Davids campus of Eastern University, about 4 miles from the Seminary. The Village Apartments are limited to single students, two per bedroom, at a cost of $600 per month. Other options in the area of the Seminary range from one-bedroom apartments to three-bedroom townhouses.


The Director of Student Formation & Seminary Chaplain creates and coordinates co-curricular programs and activities that complement and enhance the academic components of ministry formation. These co-curricular vehicles help students cultivate alertness to the practical implications of their classroom learning; heighten students’ attentiveness to their own Christian faith journeys and spiritual development; and support students’ exploration of how they each distinctively fit into and affect an ethnically, culturally, politically, and theologically diverse world community. The Director/Chaplain, along with other faculty and practitioners in a variety of ministry fields, facilitates nourishing Christian worship, challenging workshops, lively discussions, and edifying fellowship.


Click here for information regarding campus security at Palmer Seminary of Eastern University.


The Palmer Seminary community meets weekly for worship. Chapel services are a delightful and refreshing opportunity for us to celebrate the God of our salvation, savor our oneness in Christ, and seek the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit as we journey together. Preaching that heals and motivates, manifesting a variety of Christian worship traditions and styles, is the centerpiece of most Chapel services. We sing our Christian faith through a variety of musical expressions-- traditional, gospel, contemporary, international. Storytelling, liturgical dance and other creative forms give further expression to our reverence for the work and presence of God and the life we have in Christ.


The entire Palmer Seminary Community enjoys gathering for mutual edification and for fun as often as possible. "P.R.E.S.S. Times" throughout each semester give us the opportunity to "Pray, Relax, Eat, Share & Sing" together. Pot-Luck Luncheons in the fall and in the spring, a "Carol Sing" at Christmas time, soccer games, barbecues, and other activities are organized by the Office of Student Formation and by interested students.


A wide range of small special interest groups operate under the guidance of the Office of Student Formation. These groups convene for a variety of reasons, including prayer, mutual support, theological or ecclesiastical identity and exploration, outreach, Bible study, spiritual direction, issues advocacy, and more. For brief descriptions click here.