Cathy Huling

Vice Moderator

I rejoice in this opportunity not only to be a recipient of this amazing education at Palmer Seminary but now also to serve the student body as vice moderator of student assembly in 2022-23. I am currently beginning my fourth year at Palmer Seminary as a part-time student with the goal of graduating in May 2023 with a Master of Divinity Degree.

I am happily married to an amazing person, and my full-time “job” is being a mother to our four adult children. Two have developmental challenges as well as a long list of health issues. I never imagined being able to love them as I love them. Through my children, I have learned what the love and compassion that God has for us must look like, even in our brokenness.

I was called to Pastor in 2006 when I served in a small church for three years until a fire destroyed the building. Shortly after, I co-pastored Sanctuary Adonai in Claymont, DE, for five years. I continue to do the work that was begun in 2006 in a ministry that included prison ministry, feeding the homeless, and hospice. My heart holds a great passion and urgency to act where social justice is concerned, though, at this point, I am unsure exactly what my future ministry will look like. I am here to support the student body in any way that I can. If you see me in the halls, stop me and say hello. Tell me what you think the student assembly can do to build community and enrich your experience at Palmer Seminary. I am also here to aid our moderator, Edwin Child, in his vision for leadership of the student assembly in 2022-23. Together, the student assembly will strive to enhance unity through community.