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Admissions Information/Prerequisites

ESCM is open to all Christians who desire to be equipped for Christian ministry in a credible, seminary-based program. ESCM does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnic origin, citizenship, marital status or Christian denominational affiliation.

Applicants for admission to ESCM must:

  • Have a U.S. high school diploma (or equivalent).
  • Be 18 years of age or older. Be a professing Christian with demonstrated Christian character and leadership potential.
  • Be proficient in the language of instruction. At this time, courses are taught in English and Korean. Courses in Spanish and other languages will be added to the curriculum if requested and resources permit.
ESCM programs are open to students from outside the United States. Applicants from other nations, in addition to meeting the standard requirements for admission, must provide to the ESCM office a copy of their current immigration documents (if the student is already in the U.S.) or a copy of their passport (if outside the U.S.). Applicants must also provide a letter of financial support, accompanied by supporting bank statement(s). All of these supplementary documents
must be notarized.