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Deborah Winters

Lecturer in Old Testament

Deborah Winters

Ph.D. (Religion): Temple University
M.A. (Religion): Temple University
M.Div.: Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary
B.S. (Music Education): West Chester University

"My approach to teaching is constantly being fine-tuned in the academic setting as well as in pastoral ministry, the mission field, and life. I find it fascinating how the Bible is often used by many to defend actions. I've had a husband defend his right to abuse his wife because Genesis 3:16 instructs husbands to 'rule over' their wives. I've had parents ask me how far they should go in disciplining their children because Proverbs 13:24 warns: 'Spare the rod, spoil the child.' I love teaching and preaching from the hard texts of the Bible as I challenge my students to do the research; look at the historical, literary and theological contexts of the Bible as well as the context they have been asked to minister to; and trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit."

Dr. Deborah Winters is an ordained pastor in the United Church of Christ who has served as both a settled and a transitional (interim) pastor. She and her husband Gary founded God’s Precious Children (www.GodsPreciousChildren.com), helping children in Liberia, West Africa receive a better chance at a brighter future through an education in the name of Jesus.  She is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Foundation, and is on the faculty of Coaching4Clergy (www.coaching4clergy.com). She co-edited the book, Who Killed Goliath? Reading the Bible with Heart and Mind, has written on the Psalms in The Pastor's Bible Study Vol. 3: A New Interpreter's Bible Study, and has written sermons and worship settings for the Minister's Annual Manual since 2008. When not teaching, preaching, writing, coaching, or on the mission field, Deborah and her husband, Gary, enjoy kayaking and biking, particularly with their grandchildren.