Dean Search

Preferred Qualifications

  • A personal commitment to Jesus Christ and to the mission of the Church;
  • Healthy respect for religious and theological differences;
  • A strong record of teaching and scholarship in one of the departments of the Seminary;
  • Experience in congregational or parachurch leadership;
  • Demonstrated commitment to a respectful and supportive environment for diversity at all levels, and readiness to learn from this diversity;
  • Experience in a scholarly work, with the ability to understand and support the Palmer vision of pastor-scholar-activist;
  • A person of vision, and an engaged listener, who can lead and nurture Palmer Theological Seminary community successfully into the future;
  • Demonstrated commitment to students and to addressing their needs and their priorities as emerging leaders;
  • Ability to be fully engaged in an academic community that embraces scholarship and the arts, along with honest discourse in the examination of ethical and theological issues;
  • A collegial, pastoral demeanor that encourages open communication and a collaborative spirit among the faculty and staff;
  • Appreciation for a broad spectrum of academic disciplines and the intellectual curiosity to build partnerships between them with the theological world;
  • Professionally versatile, with the ability to serve as a theologian and scholar in the dean’s capacity as administrator, fundraiser, and pastoral leader of the Seminary;
  • A “multilingual” person who can engage diverse communities and cross cultural, ethnic, racial, gendered, religious, geographical, class, and other borders, as well as across a variety of institutional constituencies;
  • Ability to relate with ease with a all constituencies of the Seminary, and to become familiar with the mission, work, and concerns of each of those constituencies;
  • Ability to lead communities in transition, particularly those who are going through a process of grief and loss, to enable to them to envision a new and holistic future of possibilities;
  • Ability to lead the community to pursue high standards through communal consensus.
  • Willing to cultivate donor resources to advance the Seminary’s mission.