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Tuition, Fees, and Payment Schedules

Deposit Upon Acceptance (non-refundable, due within two weeks of acceptance, credited toward first tuition payment)
Orientation Fee



Housing Costs: Housing charges are billed separately from tuition and must be paid in full prior to the start of each intensive. You may anticipate a cost of approximately $650 per week: this equals a bill of $1,300 per two-week intensive period.  Your housing will include a single room with a private bathroom, two meals a day. Housing costs for the four intensives total approximately $5,200. (This does not include housing costs for the initial, three-day orientation.)

Books and graduation fees: Approximately $200 per intensive for books (x4 periods=$800 for the program). Graduation fees are $160.

Total Program Tuition*: Tuition for 2014-2015 (subject to change in future years) is set at $4,375.00 per module. 


Option One: Full payment - students will be billed four times per the following schedule:

Due by January 1  (prior to first residency)

Due by June 1  (prior to second residency)

Due by January 1  (prior to third residency)

Due by June 1  (prior to final residency)

Option Two: Installment Plan

Palmer Seminary offers a payment plan. You may set up a payment plan for the entire bill or just the portion remaining after grants, loans, and financial aid.  To enroll, go to www.tuitionpaymentplan.com/palmer.

For more information please contact the Palmer Business Office.