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Application Checklist

Following is a checklist of items you must supply in order to complete the application process. Please note that all the forms you need can be downloaded from the Seminary’s website.

1. Application Form (pdf)

2. Official transcripts of all work done at EACH college, university and seminary at which you have studied.  If you are an alum of Eastern Baptist/Palmer Seminary, you need only provide transcripts for courses taken at schools after leaving the Seminary.  If you are not an alum of the M.Div. program at Palmer, official transcripts must be sent to the PTS Doctor of Ministry Office.

3. Four Personal References (pdf) 

  • Congregational Board: An official letter from your congregation’s governing board indicating the church’s support of your devoting time to doctoral study. Please indicate to your congregation that you will be considered a full-time student and that one day per week of study will be required in addition to intensive residencies. If you are in a setting other than a local church, a letter from your administrative head or superior officer is required.
  • Denominational Official: A letter of ecclesiastical endorsement from an appropriate judicatory official of your denomination, providing an assessment of your work in the church, your promise in the ministry, and your potential for growth in a Doctor of Ministry program.
  • Colleague (Clergy or Associate): A letter from a fellow minister who knows you well enough to provide an evaluation of your ministry and your ability to benefit from studies leading to this professional degree.
  • Layperson: A letter from someone in the congregation (or your professional setting) who can provide an objective evaluation of your performance and potential for further development in the present ministry.

3. Candidate Health Form (pdf) (Required for International Students only) 

4. A resume focusing on your professional ministry

5. Three short essays

(a)  2-4 page (single space) autobiographical statement. This statement should include a description of your formative religious experiences, your essential faith commitments, your theology of ministry, and your view of the nature and purpose of your ministry.
(b)    A 2-4 page (single space) on your professional ministry. This should include a thoughtful and critical assessment of your successes and failures; an assessment of your ministry-related strengths and challenges; and a description of your understanding of missional renewal and its implications for your ministry.
(c)    2-4 page (single space) describing your expectations of this D.Min. program. This should include your reasons for applying, a description of your vocational goals and desired shape of your future ministry, and a statement on what you expect the program  to provide for you.

All the above should be sent to:

Tiffany Murphy, Director of Admissions
Admissions Office
Palmer Theological Seminary
588 North Gulph Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406